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Jim and Gina Wicks were called to missions--to serve with others who had received the same calling--to minister in a culture within the United States that is not. Adsideo is Latin meaning to walk beside. Jim and Gina Wicks were called to minister within the United States in a culture not their own. The mission team.

Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity. Alpha Gamma Rho Foundation. Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity. Alpha Lambda Delta, Linfield College. The workforce of any organization—such as a cluster of missionaries, a district advisory board, a local church board, or an NMI council—be-comes a team by prayerful intention, united expression, and mutual collaboration.

Organizations talk aboutteamwork, but talk about teamwork is different from actually becoming a team. Most work units experience three phases.

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They pass through these phases at different rates andexhibit different patterns of interaction at each phase. The initial phase is a collection of individuals. This phase tends to be individual-centered with individual goals rather than group goals, with little sharedresponsibility, avoidance of change, and failure to deal with conflict. A group is the second phase. In a group, members develop a group identity, define their roles, clarifytheir purposes, and establish norms for working together.

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Groups tend to be leader-centered. The leaderprovides direction, assigns tasks, reviews performance, and is the primary focus of communication. Groups typically undergo different stages of development in their life cycles.

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In Organizational Behav- Daniel D. Ketchum, Ph. They believe that certain developmental processes occur in building teams. Team-building requires evaluating the functioning of a group and then initiating changes to improveteamwork and group effectiveness. Both groups and teams must master challenges in the early stages of development.

The entire team-building process is highly collaborative.

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Everyone is expected to participate actively in evaluating group operations and in making decisionsabout what needs to be done to improve the team. Not all groups are teams. How can we detect the difference? Could you begin by discussing small number, complemen-tary skills, commitment, common purpose, performance goals, and mutual accountability? We will continue to show how to develop extraordi-nary teams around this definition next month.

Mission Connection - February Page 4. We Serve a Big God! The underground a big God…churches there asked if he would bring 50 study Bibles.

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He had reservations about smug-gling bibles but decided to give it a try. Sure enough, the customs officer opened the suitcases and confiscated the Bibles. Afew days later, Ortberg received a call that the head customs official wanted an interviewwith the leaders of the churches. They feared the worst, as they knew that church leadersin Ethiopia spent a lot of time in prison.

The head official also wanted one for himself!

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Page 2 Because of the need for both English- and French-speaking IT personnel, Cory expects to serve in the regional office, us- ing both his French and computer skills to be of service to the French-speaking areas of the Caribbean. In other words, there are various parameters which have to be considered to make certain that the right company is being chosen, depending upon one's work. A simple marble tombstone marks the site. It was completely dark, and an arid sauna heat was radiating from the walls, which were too hot to touch for more than a few seconds. Locke and Jean had been sweltering inside it for only the gods knew how long -probably hours.

He added the con-dition that the two men tell no one. That day, Ortberg confessed that his faith in God wasgreatly enlarged. As we embark on a new year, let us be reminded that we serve a big God and that weneed to step out in faith—launch out in the deep. Prove Him! Let us prove God this year as we seek to disciple others and educate them aboutglobal happenings and needs.

Let us prove Him in our praying and, yes, in our giving thisyear as we support missions, for instance in the upcoming Alabaster offering.

By faith wemust begin to see more churches being built for discipling the many souls that will come tothe Lord. We must envision those people whose lives will be directly or indirectly impactedby the clinics, hospitals, schools, and other facilities that are built for the cause of Christ.

Nazarenes love to give. We can never outgive God. He truly works in a mysteriousway. Location, giving, and educating. By linking specific missionaries to local churches,location, location!

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Nazarenes can care for and support the global missionary family and knowChoose a prime location in your church to promote Alabaster— some of that family personally. More and more, God calls families and individuals tothe display and distribute Alabaster boxes and handouts leave their comfort zones and minister in new areas as volunteers. Theseexplaining the purpose of Alabaster offerings. The Alabaster missionaries are so important to the work of the Kingdom, and their part-projects flyer is a great way for people to see how Alabaster nership is something we in the Global NMI Office value highly.

Be sure to include teens and children when Because Long-term Mission Corps volunteers are fully self-funded,distributing the boxes and information; having them help might LINKS giving is a blessing that helps keep the missionary on the fieldalso spur their interest. Prayer coverage is es- Central U.

Regional Global Council Representative sential, especially as our missionaries face a hostile world. The encourage- ment and discipleship between a local congregation and a missionary on Mission Connection - February the field has led repeatedly to lasting friendships and helped to develop a passion for missions in the hearts of our youth and young leaders through the years. This education is vital to our growth as Christians and especially as a mission-minded church.

Through the four objectives of NMI—praying, discipling, giving, and educating—we support and encourage our missionaries. Then, we receive blessing in return.

Are you facing issues that seem too large to handle? Youare not unique, alone, or the first to feel this way. Daniel asked the king to give him achance before the ax fell. With this short reprieve, Daniel went to his three best friends and told them to start praying! They did, and God answered!

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The World Day of Prayer is March 2, What would happen if we gave God all of the issues and problems that are too big for us? We might find out thatGod is concerned about us and that He truly wants to answer our prayers. By the way, if you do pray , and He does answer , it might be a good idea to let someone know what an awesome God you serve.

Daniel did. Praise be to the name of God forever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him. Give them pictures of people as well as letting them see the WindowKids monthly newslet- from different ethnic backgrounds to color.

Have the person shake the hand of each child at the beginning. Do you share Jesus with your friends? If not, why not? If yes, what happens then?